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Fullness of Joy 6th Blogversary Q&A | GIVEAWAY!

Hello, my lovely friends! It has been a while. Since I last talked to you, all my assignments & exams have been completed. I've finished my first semester of uni! *smiles in shock and disbelief* God has been so good. Thank you all so much for your prayers for those exams, thank the Lord they went well and I got through them with God's help. Truth is, I imagined that as soon as I got on break, I'd swing right into things on this blog with zest and zeal. While I haven't lost motivation, once my exams were over I just lost all the imagined holiday-energy, & basically went into hibernation mode. It's just been really nice to relax and not have much to do in the day. I've been reading a bit, but not enough to actually finish anything. I have done a little bit of art, and started a sort of bullet art journal which I am thoroughly enjoying playing around with. I've been watching youtubes, and hanging out with friends at a bookfest (got me a nice little pil…

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